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Under Hair Care

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

A sophisticated concept that is the first of its kind on the market, UNDER HAIR CARE™ offers the most ideal hair care regimen for cleansing and protecting your scalp and natural hair while wearing protective styles. We use naturally based protective, fortifying and conditioning ingredients to promote the growth, retention and strength of the hair follicles. In addition, we’ve paid close attention to the packaging of the product. Unlike conventional hair care products, each UNDER HAIR CARE™ product has a low viscosity enabling the product to flow through a specially designed nozzle tip into the braided hair and onto the scalp.


Dr. Camille Verovic

My name is Camille. I'm the founder of GirlandHair. As a former marketing professional turned doctor, I sought out to find healthy products to care for my natural hair after my “big chop”. Because of my busy life style, protective styling has always been a great solution. Depending on the season or work schedule ahead, I would choose a preferred protective style, such as hair extensions, crochet braids, wigs, braids, or weaves.

However, I soon realized there was simply no natural hair care product specifically created to maintain and grow my natural hair while it was put away in a braided protective style. The different natural hair care products on the market simply did not meet the challenge of utility and convenience. For years, I was wearing protective styles but I always found it difficult to properly cleanse and moisturize my natural hair while wearing hair extensions, resulting in dry and brittle hair and experiencing extensive breakage. Furthermore, I understood that maintaining my natural hair should be easy and more convenient. In fact, “wash day” should never take all day.