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Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Tangles and Hello to Glowing Hair with Our Detangle + GLOW Duo

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Introducing the Detangle + GLOW Duo, the ultimate solution for those struggling to detangle their natural hair! This unique bundle includes two powerhouse products that combine to make detangling a breeze while promoting healthy, nourished, and GLOW'n hair.

The KAZMALEJE KurlsPlus Comb features flexible teeth that gently and effectively detangle hair without causing breakage or pain. In addition, the comb is designed to work with all curl types, making it the perfect tool for anyone struggling to detangle their hair.

The Alikay Naturals Knots Be Gone Hair Detangler is formulated with natural ingredients that soften, loosen, and detangle hair knots, making hair more manageable. This detangler also promotes healthy hair growth while adding moisture and shine.

Say goodbye to painful knots and tangles and hello to healthy, glowing hair with our Detangle + GLOW Duo.

Get yours today and start enjoying the benefits of healthy, nourished, and manageable hair!

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