For far too long, taking those monthly, or in desperation, weekly trips to
the beauty supply store became a tiresome chore. However, when I decided to
transition from relaxed hair to natural in 2000, it was difficult to find a beauty
supply store that catered to my unique needs. But is it really that difficult?

Obviously, there is more than one type of woman that shop in those stores. So,
why should I continue to wait for these stores to realize the need to diversify?
Therefore, in 2018, I decided to challenge the status quo, by creating the ultimate beauty supply experience for women of color.

about us

Let’s face it, hair products, like garments, are NEVER one size fits all. And
no one knows this better than women of color. Women who find themselves,
walking down endless aisles of beauty products that only target select races. To
her, hair is more than just a mane that needs to be groomed just because. It’s a
way of life…a symbol of identity… a symbol of her love and grace. That’s why our curated collection of hair care, skincare, and beauty products are inspired by this diversity.  

My Shade & Texture was created for all women. Our goal is for no woman
to feel excluded and for our products to be affordable and attainable. We serve all needs, regardless of
hair texture, personality, culture or race. In turn, we’ve made your search for the holy grail of beauty products, as a woman of color, effortless.
Our inventory is sourced from local, national and international brands,
which are free from unnatural chemicals. Not to mention, our curated collection
promises to deliver quality and affordable products.

After all, a woman can do all things. It’s about time we have a place to help
us achieve our meaning of beauty, while we do them! We are gearing towards a real-world and complete look of a beautiful, self-confident woman, because
Beauty Comes in All Shades and Textures.




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