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August is #NationalBlackBusinessMonth

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Did you know Black business owners account for about 10 percent of U.S. businesses? 🧐 💡

August is National Black Business Month, and My Shade & Texture encourages you to recognize and support the many local, national and international Black-owned businesses.

Supporting Black-owned businesses is one of the easiest ways to show close friendship between people because of shared interests and common goals and support the hard work of Black community members.

Founders John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr. started the national holiday in 2004 “to drive the policy agenda affecting the 2.6 million African American businesses.”

Whether it’s eating at a local restaurant or shopping at a family-owned store, #TampaBay offers no shortage of options for those looking to support Black-owned businesses. Your support not only benefits business owners, but the community as a whole.

Click here to check out my latest video discussing our #NationalBlackBusinessMonth Challenge! Every Wednesday during the month of August we will highlight Black-owned businesses on Instagram, Facebook and our Blog. 🖤✊🏾💓

Thanks for all your love and support.


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