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Meet Dr. William Marsh 🦷

Are you looking for a trusted Orthodontist to enhance your smile? We’ve got you covered with this local Black Orthodontist!

Meet Dr. William Marsh, Orthodontist & Orthopedic Surgeon of Marsh Orthodontics in Tampa, Florida 🌴

After graduating from the Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in 1970, Dr. Marsh served as a dental officer for two years before entering specialty training. In 1974, he began working as a public health dentist in Lakeland, Florida and the following year opened his private orthodontic practice in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Marsh maintained both careers for over 27 years and is now devoting his full attention to Marsh Orthodontics.

Check out Dr. Marsh at www.marshsmiles.com 🦷😬

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