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Protect Your Crown with Protein + Moisture

In the spirit of treating ourselves right in 2022, don't forget to Protect Your Crown with a proper balance of protein + moisture. 💆🏾‍♀️💗

We've got you covered with a 3 Step solution from Curls & Potions. Try their Fenugreek & Henna Maximum Hydration Method today.

This three-step system works on all hair types and will help 👇🏾

✨Define curls

✨Detox hair + scalp

✨Promote hair growth

✨Balance protein + moisture levels

The Fenugreek & Henna Maximum Hydration Method

Follow each step, and you're on your way to Maximum Hydration 🏁

Step 1: Use the Clarifying Hydration Shampoo to lift dirt, detangle hair while leaving hair hydrated + shiny.
Step 2: Use the Rice Water Hydration Complex for the perfect balancer that will also alleviate dry scalp and increase hair growth.
Step 3: Use the Maximum Hydration Treatment to nourish hair, treat split ends, and reduce frizz.
💡GLOW Tip: : Cocktail Step 2 + Step 3

Grab your new protein + moisture goodies here. Let us know below how this new system works for you!

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