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Are you interested in partnering with a leading beauty retail brand through a curated experience? We developed Girl, Grow Your Brand® to streamline and maximize your growth at My Shade & Texture® Beauty Supply and Salon. 

My Shade & Texture® is an innovative beauty retail and salon experience conveniently located in the heart of Tampa Bay, serving Tampa and surrounding cities. We have developed a highly innovative solution for the beauty supply market.  

Our research indicates that our target demographic is interested in purchasing items that align with their morals and values, which contradicts your typical beauty supply chain.

Girl, Grow Your Brand (GGYB) offers programs where you can sell your products in-store and online or work one-on-one with our Chief Beauty Curator through an intensive coaching program.


​Girl, Grow Your Brand (GGYB) provides services to educate and train business owners to develop and enhance their brands. These services equip business owners with the skills and knowledge they need to grow and reach their fullest potential. In addition, we offer the following to educate business owners:

  • Speaking services covering a range of topics such as business, retail operations, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, customer service, HR, and so much more. 

  • Coachings, trainings, workshops, and seminars covering a range of topics such as business, retail operations, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, customer service, HR, customer engagement, vendor management, and so much more. 


Chief Beauty Curator, Pam has extensive experience in government operations, administration, procurement, employee engagement and training, brand development, inbound marketing, customer relationship management, and more.


Review our available opportunities below.



  • Business Development Consulting Services

  • Business Strategy Development Services

  • Inventory Management

  • Market Research Services​

  • Market Research Consultation

  • Referrals in the field of business

  • Business Directories

  • Coaching Services for business owners 

  • Workshops, Trainings, and Classes for business owners






Introducing our Consignment Program - an excellent option for beauty brands to test the market with minimal risk at My Shade & Texture®. Our program offers maximum exposure to your products as we display and promote your items in our store. You’ll receive a payout based on your preference to display your products online, in-store, or both. The payout ranges from a 55/45 split to a 60/40 split, depending on your preference.

Please note that our Consignment Program may not be the best fit for businesses with limited stock or seasonal/time-sensitive products. If you're interested in partnering with us through our Consignment Program, please complete the Partnership Inquiry Form below to learn more about how we can work together to grow your brand.

Introducing our Wholesale Program - the perfect opportunity for business owners to expand their customer base and increase sales at My Shade & Texture®. Our Wholesale Program is designed to take care of the cost of marketing and selling your products, allowing you to focus on creating and producing.

Please note that our Wholesale Program is best suited for businesses with a solid inventory and margins. We want to ensure that our partnership is beneficial for both parties. However, if you're interested in becoming a wholesale partner, please complete the Partnership Inquiry Form below to learn more about how we can work together to grow your brand.





Introducing coaching programs from Girl, Grow Your Brand® led by Business Coach Pam Thompson. Our personalized coaching sessions, checklists, worksheets, and email support are designed to help entrepreneurs and retail owners expand and improve their existing businesses. With Pam's proven track record of success, she has helped numerous businesses increase their revenue and reach their full potential.

Our Coaching Programs are best suited for businesses with a solid foundation and a clear vision for their brand. We offer two tiers: the Basic Coaching Program and the Premium Coaching Program, tailored to meet your unique needs. If you want to partner with us through our Coaching Programs, please complete the Partnership Inquiry Form below

Introducing GGYB® Quick Coaching Call - the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs and retail owners seeking targeted coaching to address business challenges or goals. Led by experienced Business Coach Pam Thompson, this 60-minute call (in-person or via video) offers personalized guidance to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your business goals. With one week of email support included, you'll have the accountability and motivation you need to implement the strategies discussed and take your business to the next level.


To schedule your coaching call, please complete our Partnership Inquiry Form below.



After successfully completing the GGYB® Coaching Program, entrepreneurs and retail owners are eligible to join our exclusive membership program. This program includes ongoing coaching and support from experienced Business Coach Pam Thompson and access to exclusive resources and tools to help you continue to grow and improve your business. The membership program is designed to provide continued support and guidance as you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and retail ownership.



Introducing our Partnership Inquiry Form - the first step towards expanding your business with Girl, Grow Your Brand® at My Shade & Texture®! Whether you're interested in our Consignment Program, Wholesale Program, or Coaching Programs, this form will help us understand your business needs and preferences, and determine the best fit for your brand. We will review your application and follow up with personalized instructions and links to complete the appropriate program application form. We look forward to partnering with you and helping your business reach its full potential!

Select Your Partnership Option

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Why partner with us?

  • Develop local market knowledge

  • Perform promotions

  • Accumulate and convey customer feedback

  • Purchase in case lot quantities

  • Research remote customers

  • Research the marketplace

  • Brand recognition on website and social media platforms

  • Opportunity to maximize this neglected market

  • Access to personalized guidance to help you overcome business challenges, develop strategies, and achieve your growth goals

  • Conveniently located near major colleges and amusement parks.


“Had it not been for Pamela and her consulting services, I would not be as far and successful as I am today with my business.”


Mercedes Carr


Spin 360º Photobooth





For speaking engagements, business training workshops, and event sponsorship requests, please contact Pam Thompson at Additionally, you can connect with her on LinkedIn through this link.

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