HOT [CURL] GIRL SUMMER Protective Styles!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Let's talk Protective Styles! Whether you're rocking braids, plaits, or faux locs - protecting your hair during this #hotgirlsummer is super important. Protective styles are used for the purpose of protecting our natural hair strands, promotes hair growth and retention, and reduces knots and tangling. All while living your every day life. These are great options for those of us who love to work out, or going on vacation, or even just in need of a new hairstyle!

We've even found the perfect product to help prolong your summer protective styles with some under hair care using #GrilandHair products! Check out our spotlight on this brand here.

Here's some of our favorite protective styles. Comment below and tell us which style you're rocking for this Hot Girl Summer!

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