Who is She? 

She embodies the round the way girl. She takes pride in the way she appears in the world but puts even more emphasis on how she contributes to the world. She is a classic beauty both inside and out.

Her style is Simple, Clean, Cute, and Casual. She cleans up well but is not afraid to get dirty.

She crowns herself Sky


What makes Wonsii’s head wraps different? 

Wonsii Head Wraps are not your typical head wraps! 

Wonsii Wraps are specially designed with four "tails" 

Each attachment style the bow, the knot, and rose are 

Pre-made and slide onto the tails.

Giving you a flawless look instantly. 

You get the authentic look of wearing a traditional wrap 

Without the fuss or worrying about anything unraveling.

Our "Sky" head wrap set comes in a classic sky blue. 

Create up to 16+ different styles of your choice when paired with our 3 attachments:

the classic bow, classic knot, and the rose.

Full coverage, half coverage, turban, headband, it's up to you!

Material: 10% spandex 90% Polyester, satin lining

Weight (average):

Bow: 2.9oz 
Knot: 1.8oz
Rose: 2.9oz


**** Care Instructions***
Spot clean with cold water and a gentle detergent, wrap in a towel to remove excess water then lay flat to dry. Do Not dry clean!


Wonsii Sky Bundle



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